Who I am and what I do

My name is Ruth Ann Hixson. I live in a village in Central Pennsylvania. I’m a 68-year-old, retired journalist. I write, review books, edit and beta read. My genres of choice are romantic mysteries, romantic western, romantic historical and romantic contemporary. I also review some non-fiction if it is a category I like. I reserve the right to refuse to write a review for poorly written work. I will make suggestions as to how the work can be improved but that is up to the writer. I have only turned down two so far. I find most writers are willing to read my correspondence and correct their writing. Most have a desire to improve. None of us is perfect, me included.

I will beta read stories in the genres I have listed. I will give an author an honest assessment of his/her work and what can be done to imporve it. I have read a few that were just fine the way they were.

When I do an edit I do not charge a fixed fee. However, I would appreciate it if the writer would offer a gratuity. When I edit, I try to keep the author’s own words. It is the writer’s work, not mine. In fact I don’t actually change anything. I mark in red what I feel needs changed and let the writer make the changes.

I look forward to writing about more than myself in future posts.


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