Arguing With God

I belive that God tells us what to do through the Holy Spirit. When I gave my book the title Alison’s Little Bastard, I knew God didn’t want it that way but I did it anyway. I even had Betsy make the cover that way. Every time I tried to upload it to Smashwords, it would be bounced back, usually because some little thing I didn’t do right. I knew God didn’t want me to use that title because I have a sister named Alison and it would be insensitive to go ahead with that title.

After the fourth try, I was getting frazzled. Again, I went through the style guide and carefully did everything the book told me to. I sat looking at my manuscript. A little voice inside me said, “Change the title.” I did and it went through on the first try. Oops! I forgot to change the cover title.

I zipped off an email to Betsy telling her of my glaring error. But I got no return email. I knew Betsy wouldn’t abandon me like that. I thought she might be busy so I waited until the next morning. No email! Not one! (More about this later.) I usually have about thirty emails every morning. Something was definitely wrong.

I called Windstream. It took nearly an entire morning to get my email flowing again. I sent off another note telling Betsy that I email had been down and would she please get back to me. She sent me a new book cover and the problem was fixed. My book, No Plans for Love, is now on Smashwords.

Now, back to the reason I wasn’t getting my emails. You all know how annoying those job “discussions” are on LinkedIn. I put the name of one of them on my filter. I also learned why they send three or four in a row. After two rejections, my filter stopped all my emails. I got my email back up and I guess I shall just delete those annoying “discussions.”

When I logged onto the internet, my home page showed 28 emails. That made me happy. I guess I better go read them.


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