Book Marketing 101


Book Marketing 101

By Charles Weinblatt

Charles Weinblatt’s book on marketing is a comprehensive compilation of instructions of how to successfully market your book at little or no cost to you.

Weinblatt’s career spanned 30 years as a psychiatric and vocational counselor and a higher education administrator. A retired University of Toledo director, Weinblatt has fiction and non-fiction books published.

In addition to Book Marketing 101, he has another non-fiction book, Job Seeking Skills forStudents. His fiction work includes Jacob’s Courage: A Holocaust Love Story, Runaway Ducks and a sci-fi book, Lost and Found.


Book Marketing tells how to put the internet to work for you plus other ways to get your name and your book title out to readers. The more places you post it the better chance that you will sell books. He explains how to link it all together so a reader can buy your book with one click of a mouse. And the best part of it is that most of it is free.

re is my review of Book Marketing 101:


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