The Me-First Syndrome

The Me-First Syndrome strikes all ages, genders and races and it has become a national epidemic. It is characterized by a blatant disregard for others. Impatience is the most common sympton but disrespect for others is a close second. Though it more commonly hits young people, it can affect any age.

It is especially noticable in drivers who pull out in front of traffic, make unsignalled turns, and use obscene gestures to show their displeasure for drivers who get in their way. Sometimes the me-first syndrome becomes dramatically worse and turns into road rage.

It seems this also happens at MacDonalds drive-throughs. Just last night a couple accosted the man behind them because he honked his horn. The horn honker got out of his car and the confrontation turned physical with the horn honker getting stabbed. Once the police sorted it all out, all three were charged with varying degrees of assault. Police listed impatience as the cause of the confrontation.

I dread the Christmas season rush on Black Friday. Every year someone who is trying to be first gets knocked down, trampled or assaulted by someone else who is trying to be first. What happens to normally complacent individuals to turn them into raving maniacs for a Christmas sale?

The other side of the coin is the people who are still curteous, helpful and kind. I am not very tall. When I go shopping,  it is inevitable that something I want is on a top shelf. Every week I ask some tall person, to reach something for me. I have never been turned down. It always gives me a good feeling to know there are still people in the world who will help a short, old lady get a bottle of diet root beer from the top shelf.