Books I read in 2012

1.  A Deadly July by Kay Brooks

2.  The Murder Channel by Kay Brooks**

3.  5 Pillars of the Gypsy by Lesley Fletcher*

4.  A Reason to Live by Matthew Iden*

5.  Beachside PD: The Gypsy Hunter by Neil Yuzuk

6.  Beachside PD: The Reluctant Knight

7.  Cold Currants by C.B. Suggs

8.  Cold Feet by Karen Pullen* *(Coming out Jan. 16)

9.  Devil in Disguise by Heather Huffman*

10. Family Traits by Scott Skipper

11. How to Save Your Daughter’s Life by Pat Brown

12. In the Blood by Scott Skipper

13. Inner Space by Merlin Frasier*

14. Katrina Castaways by Nancy Clark Townsend

15. Lost Secrets of Maya Technology by James A. O’Kon, P.E.

16. Realms of Gold by Terry Stanfill

17. Rip-Off by Mar Preston*

18. Skeleton Picnic by Michael Norman*

19. Soldiers Don’t Cry by Donna Brown

20. The Condrete Kiss by David Grace**

21. The Dark Side of Hope by Karen Krett, LCSW

22. The Diamond Seekers by David Coles and Jack Everett*

23. The Lost Civilizations Enigma by Philip Coppens

24. The Lost Worlds of Ancient America an anthology of articles edited by Frank Joseph

25. The Patient Survival Guide by Dr. Maryanne McGuckin

26. The Ripple Effect by Ken Coleman

27. Torn by Yolanda Klem*

28. Way Out of Line by Trish Jackson

*really goo reads

**exceptionally good reads


My Writing Portfolio

My published work:


Novels: No Plans for Love, Lost Memories

Poems: Dreams. Waiting accepted for a anthology to be published nex month.

Book reviews: 25 book reviews posted on Amazon

Books reviewed: 5 Pillars of the Gypsy, A Reason to Live, Beachside PD: A Reluctant Knight, Cold Currents, Cold Feet, Devil in Disguise, Family Traits, How to Save You Daughter’s Life, In the Blood, Inner Space–Book One, Katrina Castaways, Lost Secrets of Maya Technology, Realms of Gold, Rip-Off, Skeleton Picnic, The Dark Side of Hope, The Diamond Seekers, The Lost Civilizations Enigma, The Lost Worlds of Ancient Americas, The Patient Survival Guide, The Ripple Effect, Torn, Way Out of Line.

I also have a mystery novel in the works.