By Lesley Fletcher

By Lesley Fletcher


5 Pillars of the Gypsy


By Lesley Fletcher




5 Pillars of the Gypsy is a book of poetry and abstract art. Ordinarily I would write a review telling about the book, the plot and the author. 5 Pillars of the Gypsy is no ordinary book. It hits me on a personal level so that is how I shall write the review.


The Art – I don’t particularly care for abstract art but some of Lesley’s work struck a chord with me. My favorite is Mixed Emotions. This painting brings to mind autumn leaves whirling in the breeze on a warm Indian Summer day. The gray background seems to portend the coming winter.


Another I like is Enchanted Forest where ghostly spirits seem to be emerging from among the trees. In the lower right hand corner is a figure seemingly bent forward in the direction she is turned. However if one looks closer, there is a second face where she is looking back over her shoulder.


Lesley is a master at subtle hidden meanings in her paintings using fine white lines that seem to disappear until one studies the paintings. Is the figure in the center of Swallowed a human head or an erect penis? Very thought provoking.


Sea Of Good Wishes is a beautiful painting that imparts a feeling of goodwill.


The Poetry – Lesley writes poetry that hits one in the heart, mind and soul. While her writing is spiritual it is not directed at any one religion but rather all religions. It celebrates love, life and peace, touching the heart and uplifting the soul.


Lesley herself is the
Gypsy as one can read in The Gypsy Restored, the finale of the book. This is a book that one can return to for peaceful succor and soulful healing. The combination of art and very good poetry touched my heart and awakened soul to soar through mystic clouds of love and peace.



By Ruth Ann Hixson, Freela