Share or delete

I don’t know how many of you are as tired of the craze of “share and you’ll have good luck,” etc. I have had about enough of it. I shall put it in words. I do not understand how sharing someone’s post is going to give you luck, good or bad. The ones that really get me are the ones that say, “If you love God, share this and he will bless you.” I wrote to the person who sent me the one I received that said, “If you love God, share this and he will do you a fav.”

I wrote back, “If you want a favor from God get on your knees and pray for it.” God already knows what we need. That post makes it seem you can bargain with God. I love God. I read his word daily. How is my sharing a post like this going to aid me or anyone else? It could send the wrong impression that God is like a supermarket where you can just tell him what you want and it will be delivered. It cheapens the concept of what God stands for. If I need something I’ll as God directly without sharing what amounts to a chain letter. I don’t do chain letters and I don’t share these sort of posts unless I find it worthy of being shared.



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