I’m Back

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog. Maybe it will be my New Year’s resolution to write one regularly. It’s been more than a year since I’ve written one. Since then I have published two more books on Smashwords: A Cowboy’s Love and Poetry A to Z. The Executioners is waiting in the wings and I have just started another one.

This time I am stepping way out of my genre. The story begins in the first millennium. In the time of the Franks, the Saxons and the Norsemen. I have been reading a lot about those times and I think I have learned enough to write the book.

I no longer write reviews. I had to quit in order to reduce stress in my life. However, I still spend too much time alone. It is difficult to get around since I no longer have a car. My son takes me where I want to go –most of the time.

He is learning to cook. Yesterday, he baked a cake. From a mix but it was his first. I have mixed feelings about him invading my kitchen which has always been my space. But he does cook supper two or three times a week. It helps but it is hard to let go.

I’m hoping to get more done next year but in my own time. I went through a very stressful time at the end of November when the computer wasn’t working right. It took more than a day and the techs still couldn’t fix it working on line. I asked right out if it could be the modem. So they sent a tech out to the house with a new modem. That’s what was wrong.

All that stress could have been avoided. My glucose was way up at that time but it’s back to normal now. It’s Christmas Eve so I can still say Merry Christmas. May you have a blessed and prosperous New Year. Welcome 2015!