2014, the Year that Was.

This year that is riding off into the sunset has been productive for me for the most part. I’ve added another book to my Smashwords.com account: Poetry A to Z. The cover was done by Lesley Fletcher from one of her paintings “Poppies.” I really love that painting and am glad she let me use it for my cover. She’s good like that.

I spent a lot of time writing my next novel, The Executioners, that should debut some time next week. Sheriff Gene Adler is horrified when he finds ten execution-style murders in a lonely mountain cabin along with a note telling him they did his job for him. It was signed “The Executioners.” Later that morning he answers a call to a home in the country when a young woman can’t find her sister. He looked at a picture and said, “I’m sorry to inform you yous sister is dead.”

The more he tries to get the upper hand and find some evidence, the more bodies pile up. Until they finally kill one of their own to keep her quiet. It’s like chiseling away at a brick wall. But one brick at a time, evidence is found. What Gene doesn’t need is for his ex to start causing trouble especially when he is falling in love with Zippora “Zippi” Decker whose sister is among the murdered. The book will be out next week.

My health is fair except for my spine and my weight which is a catch 22. I cannot exercise much because of my back and I can’t lose weight if I can’t exercise. I just keep plodding along as best I can.

Aunt Marion died this fall. She was 95, I last saw her when they brought her to the family reunion. I’m not sure she knew me then. Life goes on.

I have already begun a new novel which is out of my usual genre. I have been buying and reading a lot of books about prehistory, both in America and abroad. Now I am putting some of the knowledge I’ve gained to good use to write a book based in Saxony during the “folkswandering,” the migrations that took place when the populations got overcrowded and the tribes went in search of new land to settle. The book will end in England. Going that far back in history I can have a lot of sequels if I want to. Rosemond is the title of the book and the name of the main character. I can have a lot of descendants of Rosemond’s who are also named Rosemond. It’s a thought. Who knows what will come of it? I have more ideas than I will have a lifespan to write them.

At least I’ll get the new year off to a good start. I’ve also been thinking about doing an anthology of my short stories. The good ones that is. Maybe I’ll need to rewrite the not-so-good ones.