My new novel, Fires of Revenge

An excerpt from Fires of Revenge:

Sam opened his eyes and lay still. The room wasn’t dark. He sniffed. Gasoline! “Oh, God!” The room was dimly lit with an orange glow from outside. “Amy! Amy, wake up! The house is on fire!”
Amy’s eyes popped open. “What?”
“The house is on fire! Get your ass out of bed and get something on. We’ve got to get out of here!” Sam pulled on his jeans and jammed his bare feet into his sneakers. He didn’t bother with a shirt.
Amy turned completely around before bending down to pick her robe from the floor. She slipped her feet into her pink fuzzy slippers and grabbed the strap to her purse which she had sitting by the bed because her gun was in it.
Sam clipped his gun to his jeans and headed for the door. “Come on! Move it!” He headed back the hall toward the east door. As he grasped the knob, he yanked his hand back. “It’s hot! We need to find another way out.” He seized Amy’s arm and pulled her along. “There’s fire outside the front door, too. The bastard must have set the fire all around the house.”
Amy paused at the coffee table to grab Sam’s keys and his wallet which she jammed in her purse.
In the kitchen, one look out the window told him his truck was on fire. “That gas tank is full. It’ll blow sky high.” He ripped the fire extinguisher from its mount by the door to the basement and aimed it at the fire that spread across the kitchen floor. The arsonist had broken a pane from one of the French doors and poured gasoline onto the ceramic tiles.
Sam used the fire extinguisher to put out the fire and to break the glass and framework to one of the doors. “Get out of here,” he ordered. “Don’t stop until you are safely away. I’m right behind you.”
They were crossing the flagstone patio when the truck blew, sending a fireball fifty feet in the air. While the house blocked some of the blast it was not enough protection. The force of the explosion came through the kitchen and lifted both Sam and Amy from their feet. They landed in a bed of leaves as a hail of flaming debris fell around them.
Sam stumbled to his feet and lifted Amy to hers just as gunfire came from the corner of the yard near the alley. “The son-of-a-bitch was waiting for us! Go!”


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